Meet Our People

Here are just a few of our candidates keen to become your new Au Pair. If you are interested in any of these candidates or to view profiles of candidates suited to your family’s needs contact us now


Au Pair – Marylou

Marylou is 18 years old and comes to us from France. Marylou has always enjoyed travelling and seeing different countries with New Zealand being at the top of her travel list as she has never been here before. She would like to arrive in NZ in October and stay until March of next year.

Marylou comes from a large family and has always had a love of taking care of children. She is used to making them snacks, doing daily activities with them as well as taking them for an adventure to the park. Marylou has completed an internship at a holiday centre where she learned to really understand the needs of children as well as developing her personal skills around children.  Marylou is currently in the process of obtaining her driver’s licence.

Marylou’s friends and family describe her as funny, enthusiastic, joyful and very organized.  Her childcare experience and natural attributes make her a natural Au Pair.

Marylou is excited to share her French culture and join your family as an au pair in New Zealand.

Au Pair – Ben

Ben is 19 years old and comes from Germany.  He would like to arrive in NZ in October and stay for around 9 months before heading back to Germany to study health management.  Ben does hold a drivers licence and drives daily.

Ben has had diverse experience in caring for children, regularly babysitting children who are a range of ages from 3 years and older, as well as working at a primary school for 3 weeks.  He comes from a large family with three boys himself, so is no stranger to a boisterous household! Ben says that he manages stressful situations with patience and fun.  Ben has great hands-on experience in caring for children and is looking for a family with children who are 3 years and older.

Ben is interested in travelling and sports – particularly football (soccer), volleyball, tennis and a good game of darts.  He is also a keen swimmer and would enjoy the opportunity to help encourage children into swimming and the sports that he loves, and develop their skills.  Ben is adventurous and is looking forward to a new adventure in NZ and with your family.

Au Pair – Helen

Helen is German and is 18 years old. She would like to arrive in NZ in January and intends to stay for 6 months. Helen loves to travel and is very excited to come to NZ.  She holds a driver’s licence and drives daily.

Helen is an active person who enjoys handball, running, swimming and other water sports. She likes to cook, bake, read, listen to music and draw. Helen can speak German, English, and Spanish and would love to help your children to learn another language.  She has spent time living in Spain and Greece on student exchange and enjoys the thrill of exploring new countries and indulging in new cultures and meeting new people.

Helen has had experience with many age groups and has spent some time working in a kindergarten, as well as caring for her neighbours’ children.  She enjoys doing creative and handicraft tasks with children as well as planned activities. These experiences in Helen’s life have taught her how to care for children as well as how to stimulate the learning processes of children.


Please note: We have many more candidates available, please contact us to view more!