Meet Our People

Here are just a few of our candidates keen to become your new Au Pair. If you are interested in any of these candidates or to view profiles of candidates suited to your family’s needs contact us now


Au Pair – Anna

Anna is German and is 18 years old.  She is a natural candidate for an Au Pair as she is great with children. Anna likes to be creative, especially with children, and enjoys dancing, singing, cooking and reading.  She is very mature for her age and has a natural authority and great responsibility around children.  She is very scholarly and enjoys school and thought-provoking subjects such as philosophy, politics and religion. She is also an animal lover.

Anna is an active member of her church helping to organise events for children and taking care of children at church events.  She has been a camp counsellor and supervised children on overnight camps.  She is also a very hands-on big sister and cares for her little sister often.  While Anna’s experience has been mainly with school-age children, she feels confident to care for toddlers too. She. She loves children very much and she would love to find a host family with young children to love and to share some of her German culture and exciting games and creative ideas with.

Anna is a very caring young woman who has a calm, sensitive personality and won’t get stressed too easily. She is a very respectful and empathetic young woman and easily adapts into new surroundings with other habits and traditions. She loves to actively join kids with their hobbies and interests. Any family looking for a well-balanced, creative and very caring Au Pair will find a perfect match in Anna.

Au Pair – Niels

Niels is 18 years old and comes from Germany. He is very excited about his decision to come to New Zealand and to be an Au Pair. He would like to stay for about 9 months.  Niels enjoys helping and spending time with children.  He has previously worked at a refugee hostel caring for children of a variety of ages as well as coaching soccer to children 4 to 7 years old.  He has enjoyed this experience of teaching children and this has motivated him to au pair. He is very sporty and enjoys playing soccer, riding a bike, running and working out at the gym and skiing. He is musically talented and plays the trombone and piano and is part of several orchestras.

Niels is a very authentic and funny young man. He is easy to talk to and very confident. Also, very smart and well organized.  He will be a great fit to families with older children where he can support them with their homework, teaching them an instrument or how to play soccer. Niels is also a fast learner, very flexible and open-minded, and eager to learn about new cultures and family lifestyles. Niels is really a versatile and talented young man, and a great person to have caring for your children.

Au Pair – Siiri

Siiri is 19 years old and comes from Finland.  Siiri has graduated as a nurse and has since been working in a nursing home, caring for the elderly.  She would like to take a break and pursue a dream of exploring a new country and experiencing a different lifestyle and culture. And so, she chose New Zealand, a lifestyle and country she had heard many lovely things about.

Siiri loves to keep active through running or the gym.  She has played volleyball since she was four and is interested in sports in general. Siiri is an animal lover and even has had work experience as a stable hand working with horses. Siiri has worked at children’s summer camps supervising groups of children in their daily activities, as well as ensuring their daily care and safety around the camp.  She also completed a practical work experience in an English daycare centre working with toddlers.

Siiri is responsible and reliable and loves to get creative with kids.  She is conscientious and hardworking and well liked.  She comes highly recommended by those she has worked with and for and is a natural when working with children.


Please note: We have many more candidates available, please contact us to view more!