Meet Our People

Here are just a few of our candidates keen to become your new Au Pair. If you are interested in any of these candidates or to view profiles of candidates suited to your family’s needs contact us now


Au Pair – Almuth

Almuth is 21 years old and comes from Germany. She would like to arrive as soon as the borders open and stay for 7 months. Almuth has no known allergies or dietary requirements. Almuth lives in the very north of Germany, next to the Danish border and the Baltic Sea – she is currently studying to become a special education teacher so lives in a student apartment with three roommates. She originally grew up on the West Coast which is where her father still lives – she visits regularly. Almuth grew up with two older brothers and they have a good relationship – visiting each other often. Almuth’s mother lives close by and she visits her on weekends.  Almuth has some great childcare experience – Since 2015, she has worked in the ‘girls club’ helping with the different activities. The club is a project for free activities for girls but also information – they support young girls especially if they need somebody to talk too. She enjoys this time as she works with different ages and plays together, cooking, and lots of talking. Almuth has tutoring experience plus completed a gap year in an education facility after her school year – in this experience, she worked with special needs children which then made her realise this is something she wanted to do ongoing! Almuth has also enjoyed being a youth group leader for summer camps -she was responsible for a group of girls, caring and supporting them. She mentions that she is not focused on an age group “ I have different experiences. But most experiences are with older children. For my Au Pair time, I would love to have a mix of ages. I like adapting to children and their needs”.

Au Pair – Christoph

Christoph is 18 years old and he would like to come as soon as the borders open and stay for 7 months. Christoph has no special dietary requirements and no known allergies. Christoph loves to play soccer, he has been playing since he was a young boy. Christoph now coaches soccer to boys who are 8 years old. Besides coaching, Christoph also babysits children from two different families. With his babysitting, one family has a  little girl who is one year old and two boys who are 4 and 8 years old, and the other family has two little girls who are 1 and 2 years old. He enjoys making pizza and pasta for the children that he cares for, and in his family letter, Christoph states that he has never cared for a child who hasn’t liked his food. Christoph has shown initiative by talking with other Au Pairs to find out what the experience is like, he understands the responsibilities and is excited to give it a go. Christoph describes himself as reliable and ambitious and funny, he is eager to explore New Zealand with a great host family!

Au Pair – Hanna

Hanna is 24 years old and she comes from Sweden. She would like to arrive as soon as the borders open and stay for 9 months. She has her driver’s licence and is very confident. Hanna is allergic to fur but is ok with dogs. Hanna lives alone and has done for the last 2 and half years so she is very good at running her own household. In her free time she goes to the gym or plays volleyball which is a favourite! She loves meeting up with friends and family, eating good food, playing games, or going out in nature. She also enjoys baking and watching movies. Hanna has had a few different experiences with children – She mentions that she has always wanted to work with children. As a 15-year-old she experienced working with children in a day-care setting and during high school, she would help out with the volleyball club training. She has babysat for different children, and after high school, she worked in a children’s hospital for one year – she sometimes works there still. She is an assistant nurse and will take care of children diagnosed with cancer. In 2018 Hanna volunteered in Cape Town for three weeks – teaching children aged 6-7 and 12-13. She played sports with them and helped in the classroom. Currently, she is working as a trained physiotherapist where a lot of her patients are children. Hanna mentions “I have always wanted to be surrounded by children and I have wanted to be an au pair for many years. I see it as a big opportunity to get more childcare experience, especially with healthy children. It is also an opportunity to see another culture, get to know people who I have never had to meet in Sweden, and see another part of this world”.

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