Meet Our People

Here are just a few of our candidates keen to become your new Au Pair. If you are interested in any of these candidates or to view profiles of candidates suited to your family’s needs contact us now


Au Pair – Kim

Kim is 19 years old and comes from Germany.  Coming to New Zealand for a year may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Kim which she does not want to miss. New Zealand is the right size for her, and it is known for its friendly people and the beautiful natural surroundings. She likes the outdoors and nature and likes the idea of being part of a Kiwi family and helping the parents care for their children.  She would like to arrive in August and stay for up to 12 months.  Kim has her driver’s licence.

Acting is a passion of Kim’s.  She loves to use her acting skills to entertain and engage with children through play.  She also enjoys music including attending concerts and musicals.  She has experience with children through tutoring schoolchildren in maths and German and is a regular babysitter to twin boys since they were 7 years old.  She also enjoyed working with children in summer workshops through her church’s community youth group.

Kim will be fun for children to be with as she is a happy girl who wants to be a good friend to the children.  She is not afraid of facing up to new challenges. She also has good time management, is co-operative and prepared to fit in with her Kiwi host family. Kim has a strong interest in cultural exchange – she is enterprising and not afraid of taking this big step of going to a country that is so far away and her positive attitude and cheerfulness will help her cope with any challenges.

Au Pair – Ydrice

Ydrice is 20 years old and he comes from France.  He would like to arrive in September and stay for up to 12 months. Ydrice has been wanting to go to New Zealand for a very long time now to experience the natural environment and our kiwi culture that he sees as so different from European. He is excited to stay with a kiwi family to help him to learn better about our fabulous country, its customs, family lifestyles and help to improve his English. He has his driver’s licence and drives daily.

Ydrice is a positive person and likes the simple things in life. He finds new things amazing and loves to discover new things and new people. He is extremely sociable, consider animals to be faithful companions, and has always been very fond of both animals and babies.  He loves rock climbing and being active.

Ydrice has had experience caring for young toddlers from 2 years and older as well as school children.  He has also worked in a restaurant – and he would love to share some wonderful French cuisine with your family!  Ydrice likes to laugh and is a friendly guy looking for a fun-loving kiwi family with young children that he can be a big brother too.

Au Pair – Lena

Lena is 18 years old and comes to us from Germany.  Over the last years, Lena gained several childcare experiences and has had a lot of fun while working with children. She just loves to be with them and thinks that being an Au Pair will give her the perfect combination between her love for children and her wish to improve her English skills.

Lena is excited to come and be an Au Pair.  She would like to arrive in July and stay for around 7 months.  She has her driver’s licence and used to driving with children in the car.  Lena has a variety of childcare experience caring for toddlers and schoolchildren. She has completed internships at primary school and kindergartens, working there at least three days a week for nearly a year.  She has also spent the past five years coaching handball to younger children.

Lena is a very sporty and active person.  She enjoys keeping active at the gym and through playing handball and loves to travel.  She is a creative person, as well as a good cook. She would love to do active things with your children. Lena is a very flexible and spontaneous person, which are perfect characteristics for an Au Pair and great in dealing with children.


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