Need an Au Pair?

Having a live in Au Pair is growing in popularity in New Zealand as an affordable and flexible childcare option that allows children to be cared for in a loving home environment.

After a challenging 24 months for both the youth travel sector and our valued families, we are pleased to announce we will be bringing Au Pairs back into New Zealand in mid 2022 once the borders are open to foreign travellers. Family applications are now open and Au Pairs are getting placed fast so contact us now to get your next Au Pair secured so you do not miss out.


Playschool Au Pairs specialises in in-home childcare services in Auckland and throughout New Zealand

If you’re looking for in-home childcare services that incorporate home-based early childhood education, Playschool Au Pairs has the ideal solution. Playschool Au Pairs matches families in Auckland, Waikato, Wellington, Canterbury, and throughout New Zealand with Au Pairs who are overseen by our early childhood education teachers. That means you get an affordable and flexible childcare option that also allows your children to receive education in the comfort and security of your home environment.

For a team committed to providing the best Au Pair service in New Zealand, contact us today to find out more about the advantages of using Au Pair from Playschool Au Pairs in Auckland.

What to expect from your Au Pair

Au Pairs come to New Zealand to live as part of a kiwi family to experience another culture and improve their English. Au Pairs provide live-in childcare and evening babysitting for families between 25 – 45 hours each week. In return, you as a host family will treat your Au Pair as part of the family as well as provide board, lodgings, and weekly pocket money. An Au Pair is usually a younger woman who has gained experience working with children by completing internships at preschools, babysitting, coaching or sometimes even formal childcare studies.

Having an Au Pair means that your children can be cared for at home and carry on with their routines and activities as usual. It also means you can relax knowing you have reliable and flexible help when you need it most.

As leaders in children’s education, Playschool Au Pairs will be there assisting you every step of the way by providing ongoing support visits, fortnightly outings, professional development opportunities, and more.

What your Au Pair will do

You can expect your Au Pair to care for and educate your children in a way similar to you if you were doing it yourself, either in a parents’ help role or sole charge. Your Au Pair duties will be specific to your family and may include playing with and teaching your children, attending the children’s activities and classes with them, school and kindy drop off and collections, preparing snacks and meals, assisting with homework and other daily tasks.

Your expectations are as a host family

As a host family, you need to be ready to open your home to share with another young person and treat them as part of your family. For some of the Au Pairs, this may be the first time they have traveled away from family and friends and often they need support settling into a new environment and role. You will need to dedicate a few days to familiarise your Au Pair with their new duties and show them what is expected of them.

You will also need to supply your Au Pair with their own comfortable fully furnished bedroom and use of a bathroom (which may be shared with other family members) along with meals and snacks each day of the week. In addition to this, you need to pay your Au Pair pocket money based on the number of hours they work each week.

The programmes we offer

Playschool Au Pairs is one of just a few Ministry of Education licensed education and support services in New Zealand. Over a number of years, we have developed an education and support programme that ensures that your Au Pair will not only be caring for your child but also delivering education at the same time. Playschool Au Pairs offers two education programmes;

Au Pair First Steps – For families living in our licensed regions* with preschoolers or those who have at least one child under 5.

We are licensed in most areas including:

  • Greater Auckland including Wellsford & Waiheke Island
  • Waikato & surrounding areas
  • Hawkes Bay & Gisborne
  • Greater Wellington
  • Greater Canterbury
  • Otago
  • Queenstown & lakes areas
  • Bay of Plenty areas

*We plan to expand and cover all other areas in 2022.

Au Pair School Steps – For families with only school-aged children or those who do not meet our First Steps minimum requirements.

We also place Au Pairs outside of Auckland nationwide.

Au Pair Share

Au Pair Share is a unique opportunity for Playschool families who are wanting some help with childcare and child-related duties but not wanting to commit to a full time live in Au Pair for perhaps financial or space reasons. Au Pair Sharing is an opportunity for you to share an Au Pair who is currently living with and working for another family for casual work such as weekend babysitting or regular ongoing hours, up to 20 hours per week.

Au Pair First Steps

Playschool Au Pair’s core programme is called Au Pair First Steps, which is licensed by the New Zealand Ministry of Education. It is designed for Host Families who have at least 1 child under 5 years of age.

As part of our Au Pair, First Steps programme your child and Au Pair will be visited at home on a fortnightly basis once they have arrived in New Zealand by one of our qualified ECE Teachers (Programme Coordinator’s), who will help your Au Pair to settle into their role. Following this, your Programme Coordinator will come by monthly to deliver our fun learning the curriculum. On the Au Pair First Steps programme, you will have access to fortnightly Au Pair and child outings, a monthly activity delivered to your home, free educational resources and toys, professional development opportunities, and our activity passes which include free annual Zoo passes.

Au Pair School Steps

Playschool School Steps is designed for families with school-aged children. As children who attend school receive their education at school, the educational support required by the Au pair is less than that required by those accessing our Au Pair First Steps programme. That’s not to say that we won’t still be there to support your Au Pair.

As part of our Au Pair School Steps programme, your Au Pair will be visited at home by one of our Programme Coordinators who will help them settle into their new role. We will also be there to provide ongoing support and we can conduct additional in-home visits should you require it. Your Au Pair will also have access to fortnightly outings around Auckland to ensure they make friends with like-minded people.

Playschool Virtual Orientation and Self-Isolation Requirements

Prior to Covid-19 drastically changing the world we live in, we did offer a 3 day live in, Orientations for all Au Pairs in our Homestay based in Auckland. Due to Government changes to the border ALL Au Pairs must now undertake 7 days of self-isolation in YOUR home. We cannot offer this facility at the homestay as Au Pairs arrive on different flights and are therefore not considered a “bubble”, so this must be undertaken in your home. We will be issuing more detailed guidelines around this as it becomes available, but as I am sure you aware GOVT information is currently lacking on guidance surrounding this at present. This means all of 2022 our Orientation remains compulsory but will be undertaken virtually over the course of 3 days while your Au Pair is self-isolating. This will be known as our Virtual Orientation. Virtual Orientation costs are included in our placement fee. In addition to our Virtual Orientation, your Au Pair will also need to attend the first available Child First Aid Course in your local area (paid for by us) before we can start our educational visits and child subsidies. You will also need to assist your new Au Pair to open a NZ bank and apply for an IRD number as soon as possible as a valid proof of address is needed as part of our education support programme. Information on how to do this is provided in our new Virtual Orientation Manual.

There is no additional cost for our Virtual Orientation as it is already included in your placement fee. Attendance to our Virtual Orientation is compulsory and your new Au Pair cannot start caring for your children until they have completed the Virtual Orientation and the 7 days of self-isolation.

We will regularly review our position on Virtual Orientations in line with GOVT border requirements and hope to able to bring back physical Orientations in the homestay in 2023.

Finally, in accordance with GOVT regulations, ALL of our Au Pairs are fully vaccinated and must have received a negative Covid-19 test prior to departure to NZ. Also in accordance with GOVT regulations every adult over the age of 12 living in the home where childcare takes place MUST be fully vaccinated in order to host an Au Pair. Please understand this is not our personal rule, rather rules we must follow being a licensed Early Childhood Education service. Please note that your family does NOT have to be fully vaccinated if you are part of our School Steps programme although it is highly recommended. Thank you for your understanding.

Orientation Dates

  • 2022 – dates to be confirmed

Au Pair Pocket Money

As Playschool Au Pairs is licensed and funded by the Ministry of Education to provide ongoing education and support, in most cases we can actually subsidise the cost of your Au Pair’s pocket money from anywhere between $30 and $200 per week depending on the ages and the number of children you have. In fact, EVERY child who enrolls on our First Steps programme will receive a non-income tested subsidy!

Each family’s needs are different and this is reflected in the Au Pair pocket money expectations. As the Host Family, you are expected to pay your Au Pair pocket money based on the number of hours worked each week as agreed to in a Placement agreement which is similar to a job offer. The amounts are as follows:

Hours Worked Per Week Net Weekly Wage (net)
25 hours $230
30 hours $240
35 hours $250
40 hours $270
45 hours $290

As Au Pairs are granted work Visa’s in New Zealand this means they will apply for an IRD number. As the employer, you will be required to pay tax to the IRD on your Au Pairs pocket money, board and lodgings.

Playschool Au Pairs is able to provide all the paperwork and assist with complying with Tax payments or alternatively we also run a Payroll service and can manage this on your behalf for a small fee.

Our fee structure

Au Pair Programme Fee payable by Host Family
Au Pair First Steps $595 includes GST
Au Pair School Steps $895 includes GST

Placement terms range between 6 and 12 months with most being between 6 and 9 months.

Playschool Au Pairs offers a free re-match service should the placement not work out within the first 6 weeks. For more details please refer to the terms and conditions outlined in the Placement Agreement.

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